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Polytec Masterbatch LLC is a leading manufacturer of high quality color and additive masterbatches for the plastics Industry.


Polytec Masterbatch has always been a forerunner in innovating technology for better creative colors.

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Our masterbatch is offered as either polymer specific or universal.

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We are here to serve you with high quality products as per your specific requirements.

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Polytec Masterbatch L.L.C

We pride ourselves on our technical know-how

At Polytec Masterbatch we meet complex application requirements and tackle difficult base polymers. We manufacture special effect color masterbatch and additive combination masterbatches. We are happy to supply small quantities if required and offer attractive discounts for bulk orders.

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Types of Masterbatches

White Masterbatch

In all the varieties of masterbatches used in plastic applications, white master batch is the one which is most used.

Black Masterbatch

Polytec Masterbatch have developed different grades of black masterbatches, which are based on end user requirements

Color Masterbatch

Our collection of color masterbatches are customer specific

Oxo Bio Degradable Masterbatch

Polytec Masterbatch manufactures oxo bio degradable masterbatch on behalf of Biotech X AddiFlex, Sweden, and approved by ESMA Dubai.

Mono Color Masterbatch

Single pigment concentrates (mono masterbatches) contain high concentration of a single pigment.

Additive Masterbatch

Polytec Masterbatch is producing a wide range of superior quality additive masterbatches.

Speciality Masterbatch

The Specialty Masterbatch includes Gold, Silver, Pearlescent Effect, Metallic Colors, Sparkle, Fluorescent, Marble, Granite etc.

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